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10 Ways to Reduce the Jitters Before a Speech

public-speaking2.jpgWhether you're presenting a project report to a group of colleagues or delivering a keynote address to several hundred conference attendees, it's only natural to feel nervous. The Public Speaking Blog offers 10 ways you can calm your nerves before taking the stage, including:
  • Listen to music of your choice Music is therapeutic and has a soothing effect on even the most nervous speaker. Here's something you can try: create a personal playlist of music that works for you. It could be music that calms your nerves or music that perks you up.

  • Do voice exercises When you are nervous, your muscles tense up, including your throat. And if you don't warm up, you will sound like a strangled frog on stage. Not a beautiful sight. Voice exercises do not have to be complicated. Singing the scale works. Doing funny faces in private works too.

We've talked before about conquering your fear of public speaking, which I feel lucky to say has never been a problem for me. What about you? Does talking to a large group fill you with dread? If so, how do you overcome it? Photo by ItzaFineDay.
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