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Arrange Windows For Maximum Productivity with Divvy (Mac/Win)

Tired of switching between programs all the time? Wouldn't it be better if you could keep all your apps visible? Windows lets you do exactly that, of course, but sizing and arranging those windows can be a major chore.

Free utility Divvy helps you arrange windows on your desktop -- to "divvy up" the available screen estate, as it were. Using a simple onscreen grid, you choose where each window should go: browser here, Outlook there, and so on. And you can set up shortcuts to make window placement a two-keypress affair.

Check out this demo video (narrated by an unintentional Barry White soundalike), then read my two cents below.

Thankfully, Divvy supports multiple monitors, which is how you can really take advantage of a sophisticated window layout. My only complaint is that it can't remember your exact layouts, which to me seems like a no-brainer. For that, check out GridMove.

Also, don't confuse this with Divvy Us, the clever Web tool for delegating tasks.

Divvy is free for Windows and Mac systems. If you want to do away with the occasional nag screens, you'll need to purchase a $14 license (way overpriced, IMHO). [via Lifehacker]

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