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Stay on Track, Manage Your Time and Agenda at Your Next Meeting

We know that meetings are not your favorite way to spend time at work. In the past, we've helped you shorten your meetings the Harvard Business Review way, understand the hidden agendas in meetings, and schedule meetings with remote workers and clients. This week, I've got a killer tool that will help you hold a meeting that stays on time and on track, following the agenda you laid out in advance.

Meetzi is an online meeting management tool. That doesn't sound very impressive, but I'm really blown away by all the cool things this site can do -- and for free.

To use Meetzi, you just set a date and time, and invite attendees. You can attach documents people might need to review before the meeting, and then add agenda items. Each agenda item can be assigned to a specific person and given a duration.

When the meeting actually occurs, a timer lets you know what agenda item is on deck and how much time is remaining until the next item. You can take notes and assign action items, as well as add new documents. In addition, the meeting isn't set in stone once you click the start button; attendees can submit new agenda items on the fly, for example, and you (the meeting organizer) can approve or deny them.

When the meeting is over, Meetzi can even send a survey to the attendees and summarize the results. If you're looking for ways to make your meetings more effective, Meetzi is an essential tool to check out.

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