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The Top Cubicle Survival Tips of 2010 (Dave's Picks)

They say that half of life is just showing up. Here are a slew of tips to help you with the rest of the struggle -- tips, tricks, and hacks to win at office life.

Get Reminders About E-mail You Don't Have Time to Answer

If you inbox is full of e-mail and regrets, you can convert it mostly to just e-mail. Using Laytr, you can get automatic reminders about messages you don't want to deal with this very instant.

How to Tell If Your Boss is Lying

Let the science of psychology help you figure out if someone is being honest with you. If only Sigourney Weaver had access to this information when dealing with Paul Reiser in Aliens.

Texting Your Boss: What's Inappropriate?

Is it okay for your employees to ask you for a raise via text? Call in sick? Quit? There's a disturbing new trend afoot.

4 Ways to Politely Stop People From Distracting You

You could close your door, I suppose, but that's a little anti-social. Here are some strategies for politely disengaging and getting some work done.

Improve Your Productivity by Giving Up Multitasking

Multitasking doesn't work. Here are some ways to move past this anachronistic train wreck of a work ethic.

Help Co-Workers Solve Computer Problems with Instant Screen Recordings

Need to help someone solve a PC problem or use a program? Here's a great way to record the steps on your screen and share the video.
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