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The Top PowerPoint Tips of 2010 (Dave's Picks)

PowerPoint skills are the modern equivalent of fire: Absolutely essential to your survival.

If you missed these the first time around, check them out today, because they can help you prepare a much more effective PowerPoint deck.

Nail Your Next PowerPoint Presentation with the Rehearsal Mode

Does your presentation need to fit into a 10-miunute time slot? PowerPoint can help you nail your presentation in a specific amount of time.

PowerPoint Tip: Refer to Notes Only You Can See When Presenting

This is one of those features you were sure was in there, but you cold never find it on your own -- here's how to project the slides on the overhead projector while seeing for-your-eyes-only notes on your laptop screen.

Prevent Your Laptop from Sleeping in the Middle of a PowerPoint Presentation

I used to hate it when my laptop would go to sleep, turning off the display, when I took too long answering a question. Here's a tool that will keep your laptop awake no matter what.

Navigate PowerPoint with a Built-in Laser Pointer

Don't have a fancy laser pointer? No problem; there's a hidden virtual pointer built into PowerPoint. Here's how to use it.

Get Over 150 Free PowerPoint Templates

Templates, template, templates! If you can't make your presentation look unique and distinctive with this collection of 150 free templates (some animated), then you might want to consider bringing in backup dancers, or perhaps some fireworks.

Photo courtesy Flickr user Mike Licht

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