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Three Ways to Back Up Your E-mail

outlookbackuppro.jpgFor most folks, the loss of an e-mail database would be as disastrous as the loss of a document library or contact list (if not more so). Sure, you're backing up your hard drive (right?), but that doesn't give you an easy way to restore just your e-mail in the event of, say, a corrupted database or accidentally deleted mail folder.

As I mentioned in our recent poll, I'm a big fan of diversified backups: Using multiple methods to archive data in multiple locations. That includes making a backup of just your e-mail. Here are three ways to make it happen:

  • Amic Email Backup Designed for home-office and small-business users, this highly automated tool backs up most popular e-mail clients at scheduled times and can restore the library to another computer (great if you have to move to a new machine following some disaster). [via Download Squad]
  • MailStore Home This free utility imports mail from your client software (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) and then lets you burn everything to CDs or DVDs. It's a great choice for creating a physical backup you can store in a safe or some other secure location.
  • OutlookBackupPro Needless to say, this one's exclusively for Outlook (2003 and 2007). It can make backups even while the program is running, and it simplifies migration of Outlook settings and info from one PC to another. It's definitely the most robust of the three programs, but after the 14-day trial version expires, you'll have to pony up $39.99. [via AppScout]
Do you ever back up your e-mail? If so, what's your preferred method? Hit the Comments... if you dare!
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