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Understanding Ultraportable Laptops

asus.jpgIf you're considering replacing your bulky laptop with a smaller one, or simply want another, tiny notebook to take on short business trips, you're probably confused by onslaught of new ultraportables making their way into the market.

Yes, you've probably heard about the expensive ones: the impossibly thin Macbook Air and the highly-rated Lenovo 3000. And you may have heard about the extremely cheap ones, like the plagued OneLaptopPerChild.

But you're probably looking for something in the middle, and there have been a ton of new little laptops in the $300-$1200 range that could be perfect for you. Liliputing has done the hard work of tracking down many of the newly-released and soon-to-be-released models and telling you what they've got on board. If any of them strike your fancy, head on over to CNET's (!) awesome review site to see how they stack up.

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